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Chrome Indicator Bulbs


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Has anybody fitted chrome indicator bulbs to their Yaris?....are they any good and do they look betther than the Orange"egg effect" ones?


A few of us came to a dead end on this topic.......

Unless you are willing to get rid of the 'egg' in the headlight (which sounds more hassle than good) it's not really worth it, and as for the side repeaters we couldn't work out how to remover the orange lense.

So if you can remove the coloured lense then yes they are worth it.....if not just get normal bulbs!

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its in my hand book and it says you have to take two screws out of the inner arch splash gaurd to get to the sidelights not the bumper but i think it would look 10 times better with crome bulbs.  :D

Yep but there is no way of opening the headlights.....you have to break the seal take out the orange lense and then reseal it!

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Jaxx(i think) removed the orange bulb from his front lights!

I remember reading about how to do it!Perhaps doing a search might turn something up!

As for the indicators i gave up as i found it impossible to remove the cover!Perhaps just replacing them all together is an easier option!

CB :thumbsup:

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