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Gt4 St205 Clutch / Manual


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....so anyway, the ST205 has a hydraulic clutch, one of the cylinders is squeeking (I'm led to believe there are two)....... I want to replace this myself as I reckon that the part is £90 and labour is £160+VAT, BUT... I would have expected to see a nice reservoir for the clutch somewhere obvious (like there is for the p/steering), but can't see anything and nothing mentioned in the handbook......there is a bleed nipple on the cylinder, but how the hell do you top up the fluid (I really hope its not on top of the pedal box...)

...also don't suppose anyone knows of a manual for the ST205, I know I'm probably wishing a bit. :bookworm:

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I have all the manuals for the whole GT4 range, they cost over £300 from Mr T and not all are available.

The reservoir tank is on the master cylinder which is directly connected to the pedel, accessable in the engine bay.

LH & RH differ due to space constraints.

Hope this helps.


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