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Oil Consumption ( If Thats How You Spell It )


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Hi guys,

My Rev 1 - SW20 has been eating a fair bit of Oil of late, on average half a litre every 2 weeks? i am running Mobil 1 fully synth so i have put it down to it burning a lot when cold which would account for it + driving it hard 1/2 times a week.

so whats everyone's Oil consumption like in general and is mine worryingly high?



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Thanks Guys,

The car is a N/A - with everything standard.

It's not blowing any smoke at all? but i think the problem may be coming from using such a thin Oil.

It's dew a service end of this month so i'll use GTX (which is what it was on before)

Thanks for your help.


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personally id say no-no to magnetec

i used it in mine and i sounded terrible, like a diesel on start up and made a loud ticking noise! i thought something was about to let go in the engine until 'oilman' on these forums explained the ins and outs of magnetec, and the fancy stuff that makes it 'magnetec' destroys part of its lube properties... or somat like that

went onto mobil1 and its quiet and happy as a pig in poo

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well i guess that answeres that one then!

On further investgation it turns out that "good" engines that are designed to be driven hard (Ish) are supposed to burn Oil.

apparently the honda ( dare i mention that name on our forum ) v-tec system on the early BA16 engine caines Oil when the VT is engaged, in fact you can see a puff of black smoke when it lights up!

also the clearances in cold engines are larger when cold and when the lump heats up it expands making the tollarances in the engine less thus allowing less Oil to get burned. ( an engineering explanation, to the cause)

so the outcome i guess is, nothing to worry about. result!

Cheers guys,


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