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I Think I've Gone Deaf


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good stuff dude, told u , u would love it, bet ur rents dont tho :lol: did u get some strange looks, i remember the first day i had mine on some of the looks i got was awsome :D

have to get us both on the trax again and see how we compare now :thumbsup:

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yup its a fuji exhaust. much more free reving and pulls so much easier once i reset the ECU.

charlie my parents havent heard it yet lol. but i had some really funny looks off people. but they turned round sooner than they did before (I WONDER WHY :rolleyes: )

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yea agreed, for normal sensible drivin none harsh acceleration it has a really nice low tone to it, combined with fuji and apexi, when u open her up she really roars, im always getting complimented on my car and couple of my mates are always buggin me to have another drive, they just love how she sounds

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WOW!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Start that baby up - just listen to that low down rumble - Made my mind up for me Fuji it is!!!

Top job :thumbsup:

lol u like it then :P

who doesnt, such a nice sound, u just cant help but love it, my mates dad was thinking of buying a yaris so i was showing him around mine and talking him through them, even he loved the exhaust :lol:

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not to sure, i know theres a few issues with sports cat i think, just a case of having to get it bent differently to the phase 1s thats all i think!! but as for manifold talk to kevin and megan direct im sure thell shed some more light!

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