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OH MY GOD. Guys, i think i have found the dream car to buy for 2005......

Its official, the true abilities of the T-sport 1.8 VVTL-i unit are finally being realised. LOTUS has quit using its crap vauxhall whatever engines which always breakdown and sound awful and are gonna replace it with the celica t-sport unit!!!!!!!!!!

now, with the LOTUS elise's desirability and name, handling and balance, and LOOKS, combined with the AMAZING TSPORT 1.8 engine, this should be a MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN. I aint saying celica looks or rides rubbish, but this combo should bring out the TRUE potential of the T SPORT unit.

apparently it will do 0-60 in under 5 seconds

and go well over the old 127mph top speed.

LOTUS have finally done good and scrapped their old counterparts

the new Elise/ Exige should be damn amazin :hokus-pokus: :eek: :!Removed!: :lol:

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Is it TRUE that The MALAYsian Corporation PROTON bought LOTUS???

Now that car is my dream car, the LOTUS ELISE, I fell in love the moment I first saw it...

Lotus and toyota, hmm that sounds like a legal F1 car on the streets... Lotus-toyota(yamaha)

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Actually the Rover K series engine is very good because its very light compared to similar capacity alternatives. However the engine is now being pushed to its limits by Lotus and the other tuners who are having trouble with reliability at close to 200bhp.

Hence the tie up (again) with Toyota. They also want to federalise the Elise, so the Americans can buy them. The Rover engine isn't recognised, and the Celica unit is.

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Well, I read that the Rover engine in the current Elise doesn't meet emission standards in the States. So in order to penetrate that huge market, they chose the 2ZZ-GE with it's amazing power/litre output and low emissions.


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i tried driving a proton satira (???) GTI specced up by lotus as a test drive, but this was yonks ago when it had only come out. At the time i thought it was damn good becuase it was the fastest car i had ever driven in my life, BUT IT WAS A PROTON!!

the lotus-toyota combo would be real good i reckon - but a lot of people wouldnt buy the elise if it was called the Toyota Elise. Wat do u reckon??? Car names are like designer icons. I would definitely have bought the proton if it was called the Lotus Satria GTI. :blink:

Imagine if the Celica was called the Lexus Soarer-Celica T sport. I reckon that would double its sales. If all these Tsport models made by toyota would remove the toyota name and just call themselves TRD Celica, TRD Corolla, and TRD Yaris, or TRD 1, TRD 2, TRD 3, the residual calues on these ltd edition models would be amazin, and the exclusivity would be second to none. a lot of cars are held back from their true potential desirability by the image they have of commoness. Like BMW have Alpina, Toyota shoudl have TRD/ Tsport as an exclusive collection.

But i am a designer label victim which does make me a bit partial.

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