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Fueling Problem


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might have spoken too soon about problem free....

been noticing for a while now, but the Cynos seems to be drinking fuel.

For £30 worth of fuel i'm getting around 150-200 mile range driving cautiously....

car seems to be running fine but not sure where the problem lies

Any ideas?


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I only get about 230 miles to a tank maximum mate but yours does seem a bit low <_<

Is the car running ok apart from the fuel consumption and does the car idle at constant revs or fluctuate? Try a bottle of injector cleaner in the tank, Forte make the best one but it is expensive and maybe give it a small service if it's due one :unsure:

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Water temp seems normal Andy.

Cheers Daz, I'll give it a try. the car does fluctuate but nothing i've tried seems to fix that one....


A lot of cars have two water temp switches J, one for the gauge and one that sends the signal to the ECU. If the one for the ECU isn't working properly you can't tell by checking your gauge, however the ECU is getting the wrong signal so it may overfuel :thumbsup:

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HAH, and when i had bad economy people laughed at me :unsure:

strange enough, ive recently done 315mi on a single tank on the paseo, and the light has JUST gone on...however, most of those miles were indeed motorway miles....160mi alone going to and from oxford, then going to gatwick a few times...but yeah, i'd struggled to get to 240mi before then, now its just blitzedpase that...weird

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