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Mr2 Mk 1 Nearing Its Possibly Final Mot


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So I have a really very lovely and well loved G reg MR2 Mk 1.... less than 80K on the clock but rusting in all those familiar places.

MOT looms - the repairs may cost a lot so is there anyone out there knows how to give this lovely car a good home? If the car fails its MOT what are the options? Are there people who might want the car for parts? Do they exist?


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It would be a shame to break her up but if its un-economical to fix then that might be an option - you could break it yourself and sell the bits on ebay or in the local car trader newspaper

Im always looking on ebay for spares for my mk1 - its a good place to get thse sorts of things, alternatively sell her as a resto-project - there are always people looking for these :)

Id have a look on here: www.mr2mk1club.com i sure there would be somebody willing to give it a home :)

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