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Mp3 Player Input


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:eek: I am trying to find a way to play my MP3' player in my new Celica Red. I have checked the back of the CD/Radio and there is no "input" socket just a spare 8 pin plug that is currently unused (for CD changer I assume) I have tried the usual FM signal route with a couple of e-bay gizmos, but am not impressed with the sound quality.

Is there any way i can tap into the current wiring or use this redundant plug? Has anyone tried yet??

Let me know


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I was going to suggest an ebay fm modulator!

Have a search on the internet for "car pc's" there is tons of information on how to put a PC in a car and they often have the problem of connecting the sound card up to the Car stereo. I'm sure I read how to do it with some of the big makes and you basically made a cable up that went into the cd changer socket.

I think the stereo in your car is probably a sony one so that might help??

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Sony use a proprietry protocol called 'unlink' to talk to their cd changers. On that big connector there is more than likely standard line level audio input, along with the bus data connections. You might be able to fool it by connecting up a proper cd changer, and splicing in your own audio source into the connector.

I have a sony stereo, it has a round plug for the unilink data lead, and two phono sockets for audio. I made up a little device with a microcontroller that pretends to be a cd changer, so that the head unit un-mutes the audio inputs. I bought a busted sony cd changer from ebay, just to get the unilink lead and connectors. It's really not a job for someone who's not into electronics though.

A couple of links that might be useful:



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Just brought this for my ipod not sure if the site has a simaler system for other mp3 players worth a look though.


I thought the FM modulator this were crap too so am hoping this is the real deal, will let you know what it's like when I recive it if you like?

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