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Ep91 Ecu Query


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with some japanese imports,for example hondas when the cars arrive over here the ecu is still set at factory settings,so when you modify certain engine parts,you wont get the full benifits of your new parts because the ecu is still on it's old settings.so by removeing the fuse to the ecu for ten minuates or so your cutting off it's power and it resets itself once you turn on the power and dont touch anything for another few mins.

so can i do this to my glanza,and if so does anyone know which fuse is the right one to pull out as the writeing on my fuse box is of course in japanese...........

to anyone who replies thanx.........

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just realised if i disconnect the Battery,i'll have to reset all the little electric gizmo's,clocks,headset,etc.......

so knowing the fuse would still be handy to know,if i can't find out which one it is,i'll definately do the Battery way.

im too lazy......it's quite sad!!!! :lol:

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