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Hilux Surf Ssr X 3.0 Diesel

Chris South

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Hi Guys,

I am new to this forum and would welcome your advice. I have the option of buying a Hilux SSR X 3 litre diesel. This is an import on a 94 plate. It has done 115,000 kms.

I have inspected the vehicle and the engine you could eat your dinner off it looks that clean and new. The bodywork is in very good condition and the chassis, suspension and pipework all look very good to new. The test drive was ok but raised a couple of concerns. There is a graunching type of knock at full lock left ot right when initially pulling off either forward or reverse. The dealer says this is suspension noise and is common on these types of vehicle. It is an auto transmission and seems ok in this department. The brakes seem to take some work to stop the vehicle and it pulls to the left under braking. It has wide specialist off road split rim alloys with Bridgestone Dueler AT 265/70/R15 110S tyres.

They are asking £6,450 for this and I was wondering if this is a reasonable price for what is on offer or whether there is anything I should know or look out for?

Does the vehicle have a diff lock and how is it selected and what is the black horizontal switch for in front of the gear lever (I think it is marked LCT or HCT?).

Any advice you can offer will be much appreciated.

Many thanks


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The graunching noise is the steering stops, they have a nylon cover that goes over the end of the bolt, dont normally last that long so most people just put a dab of grease on the bolt head, the dealer obviously does not know anything about Surfs and is bull****ting you.

Brakes are a bit hard, but dont forget you are driving a big 2 ton vehicle, also if they are pulling left under braking it sounds like they need a serious looking at, again the dealer is a prat if he wanted to sell the surf he should have sorted these problems out before offering it for sale, both very simple jobs.

Price is a bit steep, I would be looking at nearer £5000-£5500, so looking at what you have said I would say he's asking a lot of money for a badly prepared vehicle, who is the dealer ?.

The ECT button is to put the gearbox in a sort of sports mode, it holds the gears a bit longer for fast getaway's and useful when towing.

For more surf info give the Hilux Surf forum a go http://www.yotasurf.co.uk/forums/index.php?referrerid=11

Hope this helps and give me a shout if you need any more info.

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