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Does The Wheel Hit The Arch


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I've got 17's on mine (1997) with standard suspension, rolled arches then found they still catch just where the metal ends and the rear bumper starts. however higher spec/later models with rear disc don't seem to have a major problem, this can also be down to offset and roundness of tyre sidewall.

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i got 17" on mine with standard suspension on and it rides fine. had my car fully stacked with stuff in the boot, back seat and front passanger seat, (was going back to uni :!Removed!: ) and it never scobed once! the only time it scobed was when i took some of the stuff out to give 4 of my mates a lift to the union and went over speed bumps, bare in mind the boot was full and it had 5 people in it!!

i would say 30mm would be low enough with some minor arch work, just for the peace of mind. 40mm is just too low i reckon!

let me know how it goes as im thinking of dropping my car a few mm soon at some point.

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Depends on the offset of your wheels. I had 17's and 40mm drop with standard arches and no problems. I only ever heard it rub very lightly once on an undulating country road at speed. Never had any fatties in it mind. :P


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