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I Need A Set Of Hotwheels!


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Hi Guys

First like to take the opportunity to say hello to all fellow members :) . I have driven a Yaris T-Sport from 2000 and in my opinion its been the best car ever manufactured from our Japanese friends!!

However recently due to work commitments and a new born on the way, I had to look at alternatives. I had and HKS induction KIT and Blitz backbox on the T-Sport and driving long distances with work and only having 3-Doors my wife had too much ammunition.

Therefore I have sold the t-sport (which broke my heart) for a brand new Yaris 1.4 T3 D4D Eclipse Black which is producing 74 Miles to the gallon, with a little Turbocharger getting me to 60 in 12 secs. The only problem is the ghastly steal wheels.


1. I'm looking for a set of standards SR alloys to fit the car. I think with the black it would really set this off.

2. Looking for a rear spoiler, I’m getting a price from TTE in Germany, however if anyone has a spare I’m your man.


Any Help would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks

From a new sensible GordyBroon!!!


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Hiya, Welcome to TOC :)

I used to own a T3 before getting the Blue and I didn't mind the wheels at all..seems like I'm one of few! I think some people see SR wheels on E-bay everynow and then (I'm not a real E-Bayer so I'm not 100% sure on that) or one of the other members on here may sell theirs sometime.

I like the TTE spoilers a lot too, I know a couple of members on here again got them from Ebay for around the £60 mark, Toyota Dealerships charge around the £120 mark...

Sorry I couldnt have been of much more help..

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in my opinion its been the best car ever manufactured from our Japanese friends!!

Weeelll... not far off :lol:

Always nice to have another diesel owner around here - and a Scottish one is always a plus.

Yeah, well, as they said - hi and welcome!



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