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Are P1 Japanese Yaris better than P1 French Built Yaris  

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  1. 1. Are P1 Japanese Yaris better than P1 French Built Yaris

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I don't think there's any difference tbh. My P1 "S" was perfectly well screwed together with no creaks and rattles - despite the abuse the poor wee thing got.

Now I think about it perhaps mine wasn't typical. It was the dealer's courtesy car so inbetween "jobs" no doubt it was in the workshop for any smidgen of warranty work.

Anyhow French or Japanese makes no difference to the enjoyment of the car ;)


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I've got a feeling that this is going to come down to what is owned by the most people. My car's made in Japan (according to the sticker thats on the verge of coming off) & I'm not the biggest fan of the French so I've voted Japanese.

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Im the only1 2 say french and prob will b. But you gota remember some of the french p1's (such as mine) have electric power steering rather than hydraulic and so lose no engine power when cornering. This is why companies such as mercedes, bmw, etc are fitting all their cars with eletric power steering now.

But if there was not this difference then tbh exactly the same :P

U gota remember there are alot of JDM cars built elsewhere than Japan......such as the JDM Civic Type-R which is built in swindon as is the euro Type-R yet the JDM one has LSD and 20BHP and costs cheaper????? DAMN JAPANESE. Altho tbh they are midgits and have small :eek: So not bothered LOL

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