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Another Unidentified Noise From Cts


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Hi people!.. I've read all the previous rattle/sounds topics concerning de T-Sport.. can't really say my problem is like described in one of those...

I'll try to explain what i hear.. :huh:

When i quickly and firmly press the gas pedal and then release it there is a little rattling sound coming from somewhere near the pedals.. (bottom left) ..

like there is something loose or so (click click).. it comes back mostly after changing

1st to 2nd gear ..or 2nd to 3rd gear.. when it starts accelerating.. or braking...

When i make a sharp turn.. the 'loose thing' can also be heard. as if there a little ball/marble rolling from left to right (or vice versa) in a tray underneath my seat...

moreover.. its NOT ALWAYS there...

maybe it all has to do with the BA or or VSC or so??

You guys have any clue?? :wacko: THANKS! :thumbsup:

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