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After much head scratching and looking around at cars Ive sort of decided to stay with Toyotas :D so as soon as I can hopefully :( sell the Paseo Ill be on the lookout for a Mk2 MR2. Thinking of a N/A as cant be ubikd with turbos and probably a GT Coupe. Quite fancied a Gen 6 Celica but its a bit too long to put in garage along with my Vespa ;) Was going to buy another sort of car but, Toyotas are so reliable and well made and I love the Jap shows and this clubs pretty cool too :yes:

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rev3 would be the cheaper but better option for an MR2... as the rev1 and rev2 didnt have as good an engine management system... and I think some of the rev1s and mebbe early rev2s had different suspension also. Rev4+ start getting more expensive ;)

I love my little NA, fantastic car :) wish you all the best finding one :)

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