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04 Avensis D4d V 04 Passat Tdi 130


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I am really stuck on these two cars and really don't know which to go far, my heart says Avensis my head say's Pasatt simply because of the new one getting launched this year the older model prices has dropped considerably.

Now this car is going to be a taxi as you might have gathered so reliability is paramount.

I know both cars are good but has the v.w got the edge over the Toyota in terms of diesel experience?

One worrying thing regarding the toyota is i have hear a few reports form other taxi driver saying that the fly wheel on the d4d engine is prone to braking because it is alot weaker the the older model anyone know anything about this?

Cheers Mark.

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If you want some opinions on the Passat, check out www.clubb5.com and visit the passat world forums linked from there.

After just getting rid of one that I owned for only 6 months, i'm personally not a lover of them. They are nice to drive, with a decent interior build quality. But they are far from reliable, suffering lot's of electrical glitches. Also there are a few common engine related faults, that are annoying because they still haven't been fixed to this day.

This is just my opinion, but i'd go for the Avensis any day. They may have a couple of rattles inside, but they go on forever. Engine technology is on a par these days. It's just that the Avensis engine is set up to run differently to the passat equivalents. The VW engine has a very narrow power band, whereas the Toyota engines are designed to be more 'petrol' like and more revvy.

Someone else will also probably add to this, but it's down to how you feel in both of them at the end of the day. We all differ in taste. Just bear the reliability side of things into consideration when you make the choice.

One other thing, I found the Avensis is also quieter at motorway speeds, but the Passat seats are better for long journeys.

I give up, there's too many pro and cons! :unsure::wacko:

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Good point the Skoda Superb is also a outside choice but the top two at the moment are the Avensis and V.W, however the Superb does look a nice car.

Its a really difficult one because like the top poster said there are pros and cons in both.

Has anyone heard about this flywheel problem though on the d4d or is it a one-off?

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hi i used to work for skoda and have drove the superb, very nice car. It slighty bigger than the passat its got the audi a8 rear subframe on it. VW's aint reliable tho far from it. Has said before the tdi's and there tdi pd units only deliver power over a narrow range and you find yourself needing a quick gear change up or down. I've heard about the problem on the avensis concerning the flywheel, but has a whole package the avensis is the better car by far.

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well, in my case I would take the avensis, i don't know if over ther it uses to happen, but over here in portugal, TDIs use to mess up alot with MAF sensors, and some people also complain about turbos also. I've 2 toyota diesels, hiace and hilux, hiace has about 200000km and never gave us any probs, hilux has 16 and 50000km (never get's out of town) and runs pretty sweet. Over here it's very rare to see both models as taxis, but the Traffic Police uses D4D Avensis, and they are meant to last a life (not on the best conditions :P ).

But why don't you do like most portuguese taxi drivers?? Go to germany and get a stinking old Mercedes 190D :lol: you've thousands of them here in lisbon, maybe some 80%


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Another point not yet mentioned (although it amy not be that important to some), is that the Avensis is availalbe in Hatch, Saloon and Tourer.

Currently the Passat is only a saloon, with an estate to follow later this year.

Just a point.

P.S. One of our reps took delivery of his shiny new 55 reg Passat (new shape) on Friday last week. Talked to him today and it's already going in. The footwell under the driver carpet was wringing wet. It seems there is a problem with the windscreen seal and it's letter water in. "If only everything in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen".....yeah right.....


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Don't get me wrong i would prefer a Avensis but a Passat at the moment seems like a sensible choice (price wise) and its the model thats just expired that im interested in, with the new one coming out the previous model prices have tumbled.

I am i big Toyota fan (current car is a 98 Avensis 200k) but this car is going to be doing some serious miles and the flywheel problem is a big concern, i can live with niggly problems but if this car has a major problem with the flywheel then ide rather not take that risk.

With reference to the guy in portugal regarding taxis in lisbon, over here well here in Sheffield the council are quite strict and when you are plating a taxi it has to be no older then three years old but once plated can run for eight.

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