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Woohoo! So Proud!


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I managed to fit my new headunit! :D

Was suprisingly easy (following the how-to's about deconstructing the dash - thanks alot whoever wrote them - can't remember!) apart from one single screw that decided he didn't want to be parted from his position on the tape player. But, after about 3 screwdriver changes and 4 spanners later I have a brand spanking new Kenwood MP3/CD player :D

Sorry for this random post, just very proud of myself! :P

Pictures coming very soon - I promise!! (I know I keep promising just never get round to it! :wacko: )

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proud, and nice to see the how to's being put to good use,

They definetly gave me the confidence to do it myself - theres no way I would have even thought of being able to do it without them so thanks alot TOC! Saved a few quid on installation and made me seem quite a clever girl :D

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