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Time To Take My Leave


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Well, got the Volvo S60, so the TS will be going.

she's been a good un but time to move on.

It's been fun!

Catch you all laters.


Awww - good luck with the volvo! :tut: :P

And damn you - you've got that annoyingly catchy song in my head :(

:Wanders off singing "So long and thanks for all the fish! lalala:


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pig iron and a washtub - clarkson

classic swedish car building at its best

built to last though, me dad smoked a 360GLT for a work donkey years ago, drove it in a field when i was 10 :lol: built like a tank and the flywheel must have been from a ship as it was impossible to stall :lol:

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Well...not quite gone yet...can't get shut of the TS!

Selling at a good price £500 less really that book value...no interest at all!

I didn't think I'd have a problem, in selling her....ah well. still take her Oil to keep everything lubricated...feels very slugginsh compared to the S60, but it's still great on the twisties!!!


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