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Rav4 Wideboy.

Uncle Bob

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Erm... I'll get my coat...

or help me find where they come from?

its all personal taste at the end of the day,

This Rav is back on Ebay, if you contact the guy ,maybe he has the details of the body kit :thumbsup:


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I pretty certain that the original WideBody/Boy Arches were made by Delta 4x4 of Germany. Delta 4x4 were so keen to start making accessories parts for RAV4 when the RAV4 was launched in May 1994 in Japan that the owner of Delta 4x4 imported one of the earliest made RHD Japanese spec RAV4's of the production line straight to Germany before the European launch which was a month later.

Talking of Wideboy/body wheel arches my first 4x4 was a 3 Door Suzuki Vitara before I got my '94 RAV4 GX. When I took a test drive in the Vitara it was in dealerships widebody Vitara and it simply was awful to drive it just bounced all over the road, eventually I took a test is standard spec Vitara.

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sorry to dig up a oldish post thats 7 pages down :rolleyes::lol:

just wanted to say, never seen that kit before :huh: , but looks smart on the 3dr :drool: , but id stay clear of spoilers as it ruins it, or atleast that spoiler in the pic anyway :thumbsup: .

if i wasnt set on a paseo id probly get a rav4 as ive always liked them and do like 4x4's and its the cheapest 4x4 i like that i can afford :P , shogun being my fave jap 4x4, but even the 2.5TD are expensive :eek: :(

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...another "Wide Boy" on Ebay....


Looks good in black :) .


theres another wide kit on ebay


Arrr the tonka toy wide arch kit , it looks okay if you can find wheels to fill the arches and i'm Damn sure they wont fit a 5 door :rolleyes:

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