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Advice On Which Celica To Buy


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Hi All,

I have wanted a celica for a long time and have always liked to older shaped model ( G,H reg..) but preferred the GT4.. I currently have a Golf which has been fantastically reliable and I was wondering about replacing this with a GT4 ot GT4 Turbo.

BUT.. I know nothing about the reliability record, how expensive they are to maintain and insure or even which model I should beware of..

I dont want to spend much <£4k so that might limit it although I have seen lots of early models around the G-J reg for 2 or 3k in autotrader.

Any help form the experts would be welcome !!




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I'm no expert on the gen 5 GT4 (I'm sure Daktari will post in a bit!)

With it being an older car it is obviously going to have some parts that will be wearing out. So it is going to cost a bit to keep in tip-top condition. Having said that it will be a lot better than most H reg cars on the road!

AFAIK all GT4's are turbo.

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The Gen 5 GT-Four (ST185) will keep you poor if its done high miles. Its not that they break all the time but there is a lot to break on them. They are a fairly complicated car and labour costs are probably higher than another comparable japanese model. That said they are great cars if you can afford them, and if looked after will not give you too much greif.

If you do get one just bear this in mind... If you take something apart on it for repair (waterpump, clutch headgasket etc.), replace everything that you can afford to do in there cos you don't want to be pulling them apart to often (or worse paying someone too!)

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