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Well as I said the other day I have just ordered all new hifi stuff apart from headunit. I ordered all Alpine Type-R Speakers and 12" sub and 2 new Alpine amps.

Today drove back from uni with my m8s for lunch....put my headunit's front panel back on, when we had finished lunch. Nothing happened.....the headunit didnt turn on. Played with it for a while and nothing happened but had 2 drive 2 uni cos of lecture.

On the way I got pulled over by the police!!! 1st time so was a bit scary and I had no idea what I had done. Turns out they stopped me 2 check that my number plates matched my car (as abt 3-4mnths ago I had my number plates stolen at uni). So that was fair enuf bt nerve racking!

After all my lectures were done came home and had 2 take fascia out to check fuses, etc. There is nothing obviously wrong at all which makes no sense. So i am guessing my headunit is FC :censor: UK :censor: *D! So just ordered all my new hifi and now have a non-working headunit and was saving up for an AVIC X1R.....looks like now I will have to buy some el cheapo headunit which is really annoying!!!! But what are the odds?!?!?

To top things off I have lost my voice as well and have a bad cold :ffs: :ffs: :ffs: :ffs:

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check your car with a mates headunit, to make sure its the headunit and not the car, singing to one self is quite annoying

i did have an alpine going cheap t'other day but gave it to a mate in the end, shame

hope you manage to fix it soon

oh and check all acc. fuses under the bonnet and under dashboard back of headunit etc, you never know you might of missed it first time round,

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