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Rough Idle And Stalling When Stopping


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i posted this in the inside and out frum aswell, but hoped most people would see it this way.. The corolla i have been driving, just in the last couple of days, has started stalling when pulling up to stop signs or roundabouts etc, it has been getting worse, and yesterday it did it at every stop, and going around w ring road with lots of roundabouts was very hard! it had gotten through most of a tank of super unleaded fuel, which granted, it doesnt usually have, but would this affect it after running fine immediately after being filled, then surviving a 200+ mile journey aswell. when it was bad we made it to a petrol station and filled up with normal fuel, and from then on it wasnt a problem... any chance of that being tyhe reason, or could it be other things. there was also an exhaust rattle for a while which sounded like it mote be a rattling cat under the car, but that wouldnt just stop being a problem after a refill would it...?! if anyone has any ideas about this it would be so appreciated. its a P reg 1.6 corolla by the way

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I have a 1.3 (4E) Corolla (M reg) and it has just started to suffer from a similar problem.

It seems to happen once the car has warmed up (so, I imagine, the mixture has been leaned by the choke) and will randomly stall if I drop the clutch too quickly.

Idling is at very low revs, but if I pull up to a junction or a roundabout slowly and gently the car doesn't seem to stall. It is as if the drop in revs suddenly shocks the car into stalling.

Is this a common problem?


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A friend of mine, yes I have one, has a 1.6i on an R plate, which does a similar thing, I have cleared the ecu memory and then taken it for a good thrashing as they potter around in it. This cured the problem for at least six months, repeated this as no time and still going strong. They had garage after garage look at it and were thinking of selling it. Ecu showed no fault codes, but my next move when it re-appears is to strip and clean the idle control valve which coke up. Hope this helps.

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