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Need Help Finding A Bulb!

jay dh

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just got a clear lens and having trouble finding a red bulb for the fog light.

im in swindon and ive been to Halfords who dont sell it and didnt know where i could get one. none on ebay.

i went to a local aftermarket bits and bobs place and they had red ones but the universal type which dont fit the yaris as the yaris has a narrow connector and the universal one had a round wider connector

where have people got their red fog light bulbs from? i know a couple havent bothered buying a red one



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Just re read your original post.....I now see you have replaced the standard red foglamp lense for a clear one. Sorry I did not grasp that first time.

Could I suggest that you try one of the red lacquers that are available for bulbs....but I don't know how successful they are.

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the red laquer is more of a last resort i think... duno where to get it though!

Try this

MHW Bulb Colour

MHW Bulb Colour can be used on LED's and Light-bulbs up to 30 The bulb should be clean and free of grease etc...Simply apply the paint with the handy brush supplied and leave to dry for 30 minutes...Available in Red Blue Green Yellow

Buy @ today's low SPEEDING price Including VAT With FREE UK DELIVERY : £9.99


Yellow Green Blue Red

www.speeding.co.uk look under lighting :thumbsup:

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Try this.....off the same site

Neon Bulb Paint

Neon bulb paint is ideal for painting most car bulbs to the colour of your choice.. (Not suitable for Halogen headlamp bulbs) The paint is a specially formulated Glass Lacquer, and it will withstand extremely high temperatures that low voltage bulbs achieve... Simply paint bulb and "Bake" in a normal domestic oven....you may need your mums help with this part.

Ideal for internal or external bulbs though May NOT be Road legal....Contains 15 ml of paint and available in Purple Red Blue and Green.

Buy @ today's low SPEEDING price Including VAT With FREE UK DELIVERY : £6.99

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thanks, that one isnt road legal, although u prob wont be able to tell.

ill keep those in mind!

I think you will find that having a clear lense on a rear fog light is also illegal :unsure: ..........but does it really matter?

Most T Sporters have incorporated the Foglights in the rear clusters and made the clear lense in the bumper another reverse light

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Pretty sure about that ....I read it somewhere............but of course I can't remember where :unsure:

I bow to your advanced Knowledge though Chris :ph34r: * Runs and Hides*

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