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Lens Tinting Spray...


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Has anyone tinted their lenses with the old spray stuff? I don't mean black like all those :censor: lads in their mums Fiestas! :P

I'm thinking of getting hold of some red, want to lose the horrible yellow indicator part & the white reversing light (see avatar). Should I just spray the whole thing? A mate says its a nightmare trying to mask it up otherwise....

Also I dont want to make my lights seriously illegal...

Any advice from someone whose attempted this would be handy! :huh:

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I haven't done it myself, But some of my mates have. What the did was take out the lenses spray them all off the car. Then once dry refit them!

***I warn you now, doing this makes your lights totally illegal. You are changing them from the manufacturers specs. As your lights don't let as much light through. Which basically means the kite sign or what ever it is on your lights will be wrong as the lights are tested to a standard which is what the markings are telling you***

All my friends that have done this to their cars have ended up being stopped by the police and getting done.

Sorry for the bad news :(

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I've redded out my rear indicators, not had any problems with the law (yet!)

You do need to remove them from the car as previously stated tho

It's quite easy to do, but you MUST be patient, if you put too much on at a time you'll get drips and sags which will ruin everything. just do one light coat and wait for that to dry and build it up that way.

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I'm not fussed about the law :D I should be ok with them ;) :lol: , what about the MOT though? A mate who did it says the stuff can be taken off with a solvent or something?

Carl - what you've done is what i'm after, might have a go at just the indicator section first but i'm thinking that to stop it running I'll need to do the whole light, else the stuff will run through the ridges :(

Thanks for the advice guys! :D




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I used masking tape and only did the amber sections, the places that sell the spray should also sell the remover too.

I've had mine on for about six months now and not been thru an MOT but the general redness has faded slightly and it is now looking a bit more orange when they flash so should be okay. I'll probably re-do them after coz the red does look good :thumbsup:

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