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D1 Exhibition Match At Silverstone

jerry phipps

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Hi everyone

Was just wondering if anyone else is coming along to the D1 exhibition match? Well if you are coming along then kim and i are meeting up at the services on the M40 at junction 10 for about 8.45 am / 9.00 am. So if you are coming along then you are welcome to join in to :thumbsup:


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Was a fantastic day loads of very very nice cars,on and off the track :yes:

good meeting up again with jerry & lorraine :group-cuddles:

richard k , jesus and his mate with the s15 :thumbsup:

would have been even better if we'd got that steak though jerry :lol::lol:

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Was a fanatastic day... didn't get pics though :(

Nice to have met you Kimi. Sorry didn't get to talk much... but I don't think I could listen to Leon for one more minute about his S15!!! :D :lol:

Shame the events are more often.

Can't believe it... after about a mile from Silverstone I didn't see a single Japanese car the whole way home! There were !Removed! millions of them queuing (sp?) to get out! On the plus side, no-one tried drifting their car anywhere near me! Car in one piece.

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What a blinding day out. Was good to see everyone who said they were going. Silverstone is a very big place and we still managed to bump into each other :lol: Good to see simon there :thumbsup: Have see you for awhile buddy :thumbsup:Kevin and his mates. I bet your mate is driving you up the wall talking about his S15 all the time.

Richard K and friends :thumbsup: Nice one for telling us to go around the back of the car park to get out of trouble mate. Or i think that we would have been there still :lol:

And to kim and mark It was a great day watching those monsters drift around the circuit. :lol: Does this mean kim once you have got your S15 you will be doing the same too :lol:Mark Hope that you enjoyed your birthday treats :thumbsup: Well done buddy you deserve them all mate :thumbsup: Was a shame that we couldn't sit down and have are sunday meal at the pub. Oh well it was good old Chinese take away on the way home :lol::lol:


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At least you got your chinese mate....

we had jelly and ice cream at the kids party back home :lol::lol:

but your right s15 here i come :drool::drool: sidewards :rolleyes:

how was your dvd mate ? that R35 is awsum :yes:

RICHARD K-- big :thumbsup: mate

you got us off that car park,we escaped kim and jerry styley :wacko: :P

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No problemo peeps, I'm glad I could be of assistance

I knew me being ridiculously late had a reason. :lol:

My apologies to Jesus & any others for not saying hello.

As for wanting more events like this, they will be arriving in the new year, including "D1 2006 British Championship" and if they continue with the practice session too, it will be a very busy year indeed.

I wanted the remote control S15 especially the one with the Strobe style front LED's and LEXUS rear lights.

So it will be just LIKE KIMI'S ha ha :lol:

I've got the catalogue, I'm ordering the neons and Advan tri-spokes alloys (in black of course)


Rich K

P.S. My mates girlfriend was surprised how much she enjoyed herself, But I think the Pink 350Z swung it for her.

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