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Engine Oils And Longevity


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My 2002 1.8 VVTi engine has now gone circa 6K miles since it had a new bottom end courtesy of Toyota UK (usual issue - I have a very supportive local Toyota dealership,this is what you need).

I would really like to ask the dealership to put Mobil 1 in (the 0/40 variety ?) rather than the standatd Toyota semi-synthetic Oil as I have used this Oil for many years in other cars (I THINK it was Mobil 0/50 in those days) and understand that it is much superior to the Toyota Oil. Hopefully, should give the new engine better protection for long term use.

Would you agree and can I ask my dealership to put this in ? (ext warranty is out in Dec 05)

Opinions ?

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I'd be careful on that one. Using engine Oil like that, won't necessarily increase your engine life any more. Especially if you are going to keep changing it at the specified intervals, then it will not be worth the extra money spent.

Have you checked your manual? What grade of Oil does it recommend? They very rarely recommend a zero grade. Ok, yes fully synthetic would be good. But aim for the grades Toyota recommend.

I've had quite a few different types of Oil on the analysis machine at work, and some of these expensive types aren't that fantastic. Of course, Mobil 1 is good stuff and I don't blame ya for wanting to use it, but be carefull with the grade. The thinner the oil, the more likely the seals are to pass. And the more likely the engine is to burn oil too.

I'm by no means forcing an opinion on you, i'm just tryin to help ya think about it thats all.


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have a read at the engine Oil bible and please note toyota ask for 5w30 and to get fully syn is difficult most dealerships use various oils from 10w 40 mag to 0w fully syn my mum was asked if she wanted to pay £20 extra for better Oil ???? umm umm i said know because i do an Oil change every 5 k for her .

please note i have always done 5 k oil changes and many cars and have noticed the oil consumption is minimal 5/6 k changes used to be the norm some change at 3k and others leave for 10k but stick with semi syn and 5 k changes

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When I used to get my non-VVTi Avensis serviced in Bristol they used to always put Mobil1 fully synthetic in without even asking me.

I once had it serviced in Yorkshire and they stuck semi in, it only ran for about 5k before the engine sounded rough, I can't quite put my finger on it but I could definitely notice a difference in the engine note and performance. Using Mobil1 the engine runs smoother for a full service period.

Oh, and I buy my Mobil1 at Costco, it's cheaper than Mr T charges for semi-synthetic.

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