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Corolla Verso Boot

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Just joined the forum having collected our new Corolla Verso T-Spirit 2.0 Diesel. We are really pleased so far but have a couple of questions. I hope that you can help: -

1) The boot door needs a good 'almost' slam to shut properly. A slightly lesser puch and it does not quite close. Is this a standard thing or should I get the dealer to look at it. My old Mondeo had a similar issue, but only after someone had kindly rearended me (and it was not properly fixed).

2) As we pull away we hear a strange noise - sounds a bit like going over a loose manhole. Is this the traction control engaging? Or should we ask them about this too??

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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In response to your questions,

1, Closing of the boot, I have a T3 2.0 diesel ona 05 plate and yes mine is exactly the same! unless you give it some force it just doesn't seal properly, your boot light stays on,

2, as for when you pull away, yes that is the TRC control kicking in, nothing to worry about,

I found that the handbrake was not the best in the world, to my horror, when the wife failed to pull this up fully and as a result it rolled back into next doors bumber!!.

I hope this helps

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Hi -

My Verso has the same 'efects'. Boot/ TRC engaging/ handbrake.

The handbrake, I had the workshop adjust to lock at 4 clicks. It's much better.

Any of you noticed a whining sound when coasting at about 60-80kmh in 4th gear(manual) ?



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