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Brands Hatch


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Had a great day there yesterday thanks to Darren for the complementry ticket and the ride down :thumbsup:

No thanks to Mo (rev3turbo)!!! :angry:

He should have a health warning notice , "Danger, do not travel in an enclosed space for any length of time, this can seriously damage your ability to breathe!!!" :P :lol::lol::lol: (I blame the Stellas & garlic pizzas :lol: )

Apparently a well known bloke won the championship, my appologies for not remembering his name but he did drive rather well :yes: (Matt somebody)

I didn't get any decent pic's of the saloon car action because of our first location but did manage to get some of the other heats once we moved.




One for Mo


There are a couple of other pic's in my gallery HERE

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I was looking out for you on the telly Les, but didn't spot you. Great racing though. Glad you enjoyed yourself !

Yeah we watched the race...... well Rich did................ I was busy :thumbsup:

And Mo's backside should have a health warning stuck to it :group-cuddles: poor boy. :P

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