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A Few Pics Of My Mr2


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looks good mate, still havnt managed to scope you out down mfn though? where did you get that scoop from and how much did you pay. (if you dont mind me asking) ive always loved them!

Scoops available from here


Gaz, those hoses fit a treat.


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No worries russ :D

You have a good time in cuba :P

Now your back, get making me the drivers side scoop lol ;) Ill pop over next payday and give you some cashola.

Oh and if anyone didnt notice, i covered the scoop with foliatec Carbon fiber stuff, looks pretty good. :) Its only untill i can afford a proper spray job on it though.

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I am not a fan.

just looks a bit too 'chav' for me.....sorry to offend JMO


As long as your happy.

Was it the crazy frog and the sun strip that did it for you. :lol:

And no i dont wear burberry.

Fist time its been related to a chav though i gotta admit. :lol:

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I don't see anything Chav about it. Personally I don't particularly like the air intake, but they are practical so wouldn't call it Chav. And can't see anything else about it that's Chav either.


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Chav car??

Yeah righto :huh:

Looks great, personnaly im not into the scoops, but everything else looks mint.

There is a fine line with car styling, if you get it slightly wrong it will look fuppin horrible. There has to be a line between tastefull and practical and OTT.

I think you have got it right, everything on the car looks as it should, keeping some original aspects along with some injection of modern styling.

I quite like calipers coloured, as it draws attention to the wheels.

Im gonna be painting mine when it comes back from the shop.

What do people think of engine painting, mine was painted blue when i bought it, im having to remove the manifold soon, to get to a leak, so i may consider re painting it chrome?? whats ya thoughts??


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