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Clutch Problems!


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I have a Rev 1 1990 G-Limited. It seems like all the clutch fluid has all ran out because theres no pressure when the peddle is pushed down and it wont engage or disengaage gears. Any body got any ideas why??? and how can it be fixed??

Guess this is this months problem then!!!! more :censor: money in to the baby!

Cheers in advance

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Check the seals on your Master and Slave Cylinders.... if the fluid is leaking past the seals then it will feel spongy... and wont disengage gears because you arent fully engaging clutch with pedal depressed... as the fluid seeps past the seals and the system doesnt contain pressure.... This was the problem with mine...

The Slave Cylinder is in the back... and if its visibly wet with fluid that is usually the culprit... but if dry.... check the master.. the master is generally the one that goes.. but slave is easier to check :thumbsup:

The Master is under the front bonnet towards the back.. and more difficult to tell if its leaking cause it would leak back into the reservoir...

You can generally pick up a new master cylinder for around £70 or so from a motor factor... I got mine (a blue print) and its been brilliant.

Also bleeding the fluid will also get out all that niggly air which wont help if its got in... so might be best to do this first just in case ;)

Hope you get it sorted hon :thumbsup:

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Hi hon,

Master Cylinder looks like in the following picture, except thats on a US LHD car and so on your car the Master Cylinder will be more towards the left of the middle... if you get what i mean:


The fulle writeup on how to refurb the seals where i got that piccy is here:

Refurbing the Master Cylinder

A new slave cylinder will prolly set you back around £30 ish I think for a new/refurbed one


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