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Gti-16 Engine In A Gl...is It Do-able?


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just wondering if the gti lump will drop straight in etc

how much would a project like this be likely to cost?

the only reason for thinkin of doin this instead of buying a gti is that the bodywork on my GL is perfect and their lighter, are they not?

any info would be appreciated



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obviously, it's do-able, but it would still probably be easier just to buy a GTi and strip it out a bit if you want it lighter. if you're gonna do an engine swap, you might as well make it 4A-GZE or a 20v 4A-GE

it would cost whatever you can get a decent engine and box for. also, you'd have to get the brakes and suspension done as well, and either fit them yourself which costs time or get them fitted which costs ££££. i'd imagine you'd also need the driveshafts (someone more knowledgeable than me will be able to tell you)

let us know if you decide to do it :thumbsup:

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BUY A GTI ! ! ! The trim in a GL model S.U.C.K.S...

Like the other guys said,it'd cost to do the brakes and all the other bits that would be need to be done so the cars safe. Sad thing is that these AE92 are only getting cheaper.

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or you could buy a GTi thats got dead rough body work (there was one on ebay the other day about 50 quid) and swap every thing over to your GL Shell if it is rust free

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