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Celica Wheelarch Capacity


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Hi, I was wondering for opionions regarding the maximum rim size I should look for when purchasing new alloys to fit my '91 Celica GTi 16.

I dont want them to rub on the wheelarches wherever possible, and I think I get this already with my 16" wheels, although it is still only very slight when on full lock.

Your thoughts / opinions appreciated.


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I have 17" rims on my car with low profile tyres fitted and have never had any problems with the rims rubbing or hitting the arches even oer speed humps its fine.

Nice car mate - its almost exactly the same as mine. Same colour etc. 17" would probs be what I would be looking at - I would also like the suspension dropped a touch as I think it might be a little high off the ground with larger wheels.

Have you any experience of lowering the springs by 30-40mm with 17" rims on the car ?

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Cheers m8 take a look of this link you can see how the car sits on the rims without lowering.

Me personally have never lowered my car as that might make the rims hit the arches but someone who has lowered there car could answer that for you as alot of celica owners do have 17" alloys on there car.


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Some folk have put 18`s on with no problem. So as previously mentioned, Provided the offset is correct and you have the correct aspect ratio tyres fitted you should have no problem. :thumbsup:

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