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German Classic Fan!


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I´m from Germany an want to introduce myself....

I´m doing the Webpage www.Toyotaoldies.de ,perhaps you know it. Unfortunally this side is only in german language, I haven´t found time to fix it in english up to now. But I think i´s navigable, even when you don´t understand german.

Since I got my driving licence I´m driving an E7-Corolla, under this Thread you can see my third one, wich I got two years ago. I take it as an every-day-car, but before next wint winter comes, I want to save ist and go for a real winter Car. These days I bought an AT180-Celica.

Then theres is an other TE71 Corolla, wich will be rebuild this year- it was my second car that I bought in 1991. Baut last year I noticed a lot of rust at the Crossmember... A lot of work to do!

Now here you can see the picture of my all-day-car:


Greetings from Germany....


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these are exterior shots



these are a blown 2TG after taking her out to a race track



these are pics of my new 2TG/3T hybrid 2.0ltr engine which im hoping to pump out between 160 - 210bhp


this is the story of how it happened.

and finally


this is a very helpfull group of people from around the world who cherrish the older celica's as much as i do, but who arnt afraid to modd them up a bit.

Have fun, i hope u find time to look at them all.

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