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Knocking Noise


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Have a very odd noise in my supra.

It comes form the passenger side, towards the rear. It is an odd knocking noise that seems to occur when the car is breaking, pulling away or turning e.g. under strain. Im pretty sure its not related to the brakes, wheels or exhaust. It has been in my local garage today who put it on the ramp and could see no problems at all.

Its a 96 NA SZ Aero top. Its driving me crazy

On a sad size, at the garage they managed to kerb my wheels!! thank god i took photos before i took it in. They are going to repair the wheel but still, very unhappy about that!!!!! believe me..

Any ideas on the noise would really be appreciated. I have taken everything out, all the tools, taken the roof off, everything and its still there. Only happens at low speed.


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I havent, I will check tomorrow when its light, however the noise seems lower.

Its odd but it sounds like something has either fallen into the bodywork or come lose, when i brake or turn it swings about.. it seems to be near the back rear well. I have had a good luck and can see nothing. Its not a well bearing, its not the brakes, the exhaust seems fine... its impossible to describe (which makes asking for advice very hard).

Garage called to advise they are gonna get wicked wheels to sort my alloys out! was well :ffs: when i saw it! the worst thing is that they didnt tell me, i guessed they hoped i wouldnt look.


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Thanks for the ideas. I am going to try and find time to have a good weekend this weekend. Its not something I can live with!!

It sounds so close when I am driving, i really like the sound of the dead shocker, it seems to make sense. I dont think its the exhaust. the mechanics had it up on the ramp for ages and i specifically said to check the exhuast (mind u i also said to watch the alloys which they failed miserably at!)

I will let you know the outcome.



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Knocking noise is still there! :crybaby: I seem to have tracked it down to coming form within passenger door itself (whenever I break or pull away slowly).

Does anyone know how I can remove the panels? I can see a couple of screws but wondered if anyone had any words of wisdom (E.g. what NOT to do!) remember my knowledge of cars (mechanically) is at 'entry level' if im polite!!

Thanks for anything ;)


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