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Supra Tailgate Hinges


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Price sounds about right!!!!!!!

I had never heard of of it happening ona mkiii before untill it Happened on my other half's car!!! it had been sitting for 8 months untouched so I guess they actual hinges has rusted or seized shut!!!!

Get WD-40ing your hinges boys and girls!!!!

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A wise old Supra sage told me these golden truths:

1. Always buy your hinges in pairs because as shure as eggs are manufactured unfertilized hen cell holders- the other one will go soon after.

2. Don't by second hand because new one are cheaper (if you don't believe me phone round and add postage) and second hand will fail as soon as you open the 'gate.

3. Coat the complete new hinges with copperslip graese and use new Stainless stell M8 nuts and washers (complete set are less than £2 from chandlers shop).

4. Get your better half /best mate/ trusted pet/ to hold up the 'gate when removing current hinges.

5. Always remove the 'gate gas shocks before unbolting the 'gate hinges.

I hope these wise words will help you as they have me. Hinges go as the water ways for rain are badly designed.

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