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Yup I'm New Here


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Welcome aboard :thumbsup: - I'm sure the performance boys will be along shortly to chat.

That looks like a twin turbo (?). There are quite a few posts about this car on the site - so you should find plenty to read.

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ok ok so I've been beaten... I wsa busy finisheing off the car (well almost)....

Been polishing like a demon this week, so far spent 13 hours on her and now only got the alloys to go.....

sad isn't it :D :D :D

Oops nearly forgot to say, Chris welcome to the club matey, look forward to seeing you at some of the meets....

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Yeah...welcome... another 400bhp mk4- yayyyyyy!! What you done to it??

was wondering when you might pop along :)

you've been hiding in the background for a while then :D :D :D

Not been hiding...having a nightmare week...been in Leeds/Manchester since sunday, apparently I've stuffed up my degree after 4 years of workin my ***** off, got a phone call today saying the place I used to work at have a contract for me but I need to be there monday morning at 8am, which means moving house this weekend (hmm, interesting!) plus I went to see my car today and it's not gonna be ready for JAE OR my graduation, the company that were sponsoring the ICE have backed off the deal slightly and I have to pay a surcharge on my supposed "free" wheels too. And I forgot to bring home the spare mirror they sprayed as a test colour for me, or the cds that i left in it. GRRRR. Not a happy bunny today- grumped off with even owning my poor little beasty car at the moment to be honest.

Not that anyone wanted to know that of course...


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That's what the forum's here for SG, the bad times and the good...

I know how you feel with probs with the car, they always seem never ending lol....

God this could start a soap series :D

yeah!! lets...we could make some money :thumbsup:

anyway...cars...fast cars....errrr. yeah.

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G'day Chris and Samba. Welcome to the joint.

Hey Samba, like our friend Rhaines said, there is NO need to feel out of place here mate. Pop in for a chat anytime and be part of what happens around here.

Happy motoring.


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hello all newbies

hope you find these forums informative and entertaining

maybe now there are one or two members from off our shores we can have a list of conversion factors pinned to help them understand our lingo :group-cuddles: :thumbsup:

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