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Does Anyone Know Whats Wrong?


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Hi ppl,

I think i have the Gen 7 celica (the new shape) and i seem to be burning a lot of Oil.

Its definitely not a leak as its been checked out by a garage, but they said they wont touch the engine to find out the possible reasons because its a vvti.

Could it be that i drive it a little fast sometimes :P

Also my remote central locking has stopped working. Its not the Battery in the as it unlocks from a distance...

Any ideas there? Toyota have said it possibly needs reprogramming and would cos me about £31 for 1/2 hours labour... does this have to be done by toyota or is there a combination to do it myself?

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I'm assuming its not new enough to claim under the warranty, otherwise, sorry mate, not a clue, but someone will be along in a bit who will know.

Oh, and welcome to the club, enjoy your stay!! :thumbsup:

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Sounds about right for a warranty company.

I'm even suprised they said they cover that!!! They try to find a way out of it somehow, I had and engine blow up on me a few years back, tried to calim on the warranty from the dealership, and because they put it down to water damage, they wouldn't cover it!!!! :censor: Thankfully my insurance company did, and they didnt even take off my no claims!!! :thumbsup: :D

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Welcome, this forum has some very knowlegable (sp) people, I am sure someone will be able to help.

There are plenty of burnig Oil discussions on this forum, do a searcha or scan the older pages and read through them, try this forum "Celica" and the general forum. Everything has already been suggested and discussed, a great place to start.

Dont know about your remote but you may be able to get some info from www.celicatech.com I think they had manuals there to download, check the pinned topics also.

You may be able to get someone to check an autodata CD. for the remote or central locking re-set routine to see if it helps.

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