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Idle Up Switch


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Hi all,

Need a little help... On the right hand side of my dash board below the remote mirror switch and next to where you adjust the head lights, is a button marked Idle Up.

What exactly is this used for, does it adjust the idle speed of the engine or something else.

I have a 52 plate VX D4D....



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Hi Chatman,

The idle up button is for winter use and does exactly what it says....increases the idle. Once pressed, with the engine running, it goes off automatically as the engine warms up, but to be honest I don't know anyone who actually uses the button, except out of curiosity.

I suppose if you live in a very cold climate, like Sweden, it may have some use.

Take care N.

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You could also use it as a racing mode button, extra revs and that! (Dont tell the wife I race in my RAV)

:!Removed!: I race in the wifes car...Shhhh dont tell her.... She's ben asking to use the RAV now.... :censor: Should I give in and let her...

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lol - and people complain about that sort of talk over in the Yaris forums :lol:

Seriously though, the idle up switch is there so you can give the heater a boost in sub-zero temperatures when you're (and I believe this is the reason given in the handbook) waiting at a level crossing with the engine at idle. Not a feature that's hugely useful here but, as someone said, jst the ticket in Sweden in January!



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