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Previa Power Loss

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Sounds like you may have a blocked catalyst. :(

Is there any exhaust or less exhaust than normal coming out of the tailpipe?

I had the same thing happen in our Quantum, powered by a 1800cc Zetec- one morning I noticed it was a lot quieter than normal and when I took it for a drive i had the same problem that you're having, couldn't get above 40mph.

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whats a maff sensor :censor:

the maf sensor is what measures the amount of air entering the engine thus providing the right amount of fuel. The previa one is located behind the airbox under the bonnet. Its a big silve cat aluminium looking block with a black housing and harness attached to it. You may need to pick up a one from a scrapyard to try it out, unless you know how to measure the voltage if it (which i dont know about)

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