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Oil Pressure. Need Advice/suggestions


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Righto. Got a couple of issues with fitting electrical Oil pressure and temp gauges. :yes:

As i see it i`ve got a few options. Starting with the Oil pressure. I could replace the low pressure warning switch with the gauge sender, but i would prefer to keep the idiot light as it`s easier to see than a gauge needle moving a couple of degrees. So the main question is... Is there another Oil gallery in the head that can be tapped into? I was wondering what the plug below the pressure switch was for? I could whip it out but dont want to risk damaging the plug or the thread unnecessarily, as it looks pretty well set in there.. :unsure:

I`ve had a hunt through the WWW but to no avail and i`ve scoured my Chilton manual without any luck. The other option here of course would be to get an adaptor so that i could fit both in the same place. Basically i`m looking for the easiest (and cheapest) option. :yes:

Problem number two concerns the oil temp sender. Again a few options. I could tap into the sump plug. But an oil leak here would be a nightmare. Apparently you can tap into the filler cap too :eek: but IMO this is liable to give false readings and it would look ugly. And lastly i could try and locate some kind of distributor block so i could have all three senders in the same place. Does anyone know of such a device. :unsure:

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. :thumbsup:

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hi mate firstly you can get a t piece fom the likes of demon tweeks for the sender. the blanking plug below the std switch is a drilling hole for the EGR system (if fitted) and goes direct into No 4 exhaust port.

as for temp sender you can get a sandwich plate that goes between the Oil filter and sump with provisions for take offs think these are also aailiable from tweeks.

thread size for pressure sender is 1/8 NPT i think

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Thanks for the replies guys :thumbsup: Apparently the standard Oil filter mounting block has blanking plugs for an Oil cooler that can be used. I`ve not had a chance to check yet, But what i will probably do is use a T piece off the current LP switch position due to this being where the lowest Oil pressure is. Advanced warning if you like. And use the previously mentioned blanking plug for the temperature, The sump seemed a good idea but positioning is pretty crucial for accurate readings as you`ve got hotter oil from the block pouring into cooler oil sat in the sump. OK it`s only a few degrees but there`s no point using accurate gauges if the sender is in the wrong place.

Thats the plan so far anyway. :D :thumbsup:

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the block adapter is another name for a sandwich plate :)

original pressure location is prolly best, toyota didnt put it there for nothing :thumbsup:

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