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Eight Inches Of Chrome

Catz Tatz

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A big hello to T.O.C members,

Help is urgently required.

I "jaymie Smith A.K.A. Cat" have an eight inch problem! (if only).

I've recently bought a 1990 GT4 and the lovely previous owner :arrgg-matey: has welded an eight inch back box on her, the pirate must have paid quite a bit for it as its welded then more weld and on and on and arriston :censor: .

If i just clean saw it off nothing else will fit, Gutted. Grinding isn't an option.

The chrome monster has to come of, it hasn't even been de-cat so its just ornimental.

In desperate need of advice or a nice 3 inch full system.

Cant use my computer so no pics sorry. although if i could i'd be to embarrassed.

Help me "she's worth it"

Thanx. Cat.

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You dont need a 3 inch system unless your going to go absolutely nuts on the engine. 2 1/2 is ample with de-cat and 3inch downpipe. I`ve got a Scorpion 2 1/2 system on mine with a de-cat and 5 inch taily. it`s well mellow........................ Untill you hit b :eek: st........... Mwahahaha :D

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