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The auto's tend to last longer than the manuals in Toyota's so providing there is plenty of fluid and the change is quite smooth then it's fine.

Go for a pre-facelift 2.0 (the pre-vvti one), the engine code is 3S-FE very easy to find on the side of the engine, it was originally intended to be mated with an auto box in the mid 80's Camry and is a perfect match. The VVTi ones need revving too much and don't really go aswell with the auto in my opinion.

To be honest though, with that budget you could get yourself a very nice Camry, which for comfort, quietness and build quality if far better than an Avensis, it's basically like owning a Lexus with a Toyota Badge, especially if you get the V6 one which comes with soft leather and digital climate etc.

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I recently bought my 1998 Avensis 1.8 GS Auto with pre-vvti engine (7A-FE) and am very pleased with it. You won't need to spend as much as £4500 to get one of these. The problem with the vvti engines burning Oil put me off that model. There are lots of previous posts to do with this problem - definately worth reading before you buy.

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Thanks for advice, will let you know what I get. I like the Camry but think the insurance will be to much as the wife is still on L Plates

Try some quotes on the internet, the 2.2 is only £36 a year more and the V6 around £100 for me than my 2.0 Avensis and i'm only 22, so it might be cheaper than you think.

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