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Rocker Cover


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i need to change the rocker cover gasket on my rev 2 tubby

just wondering is this a hard job or what should i expect to pay in labour charges

also while its off im going to have it painted

is there anything else worth doing to the car while the rocker cover is off any performance mods <_<

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I had the rocker gasket changed on mine a few months ago, MrT did it pretty cheap along with other work I had done, so I'm not sure exactly how much it cost.

Something to keep in mind though, I'm pretty sure the gasket comes in two pieces

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hey mark, yeah the Gasket comes in 2 sections, easy enough to remove the Cam cover (Mr2's don't have rockers) and easy to paint to...although mine could be done again soon.

I think its eight bolts you need to remove, a long reach 10 socket gets to them all though. You can get the gasket from Toyota or Fensport, no idea which ones cheaper though. I don't know of any performance things you can do



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