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if you just replace the back box, you're not decatting, you're just making it loud with pretty much no power gains. the cat itself is the most restrictive part of the exhaust, and the crush bends in the piping itself aren't too kind. if you decat, you need to get a little box you wire up to the O2 sensor so that it doesn't throw a code. just a muffler's pretty much just going to make your car a beehive.

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Ive already got the back box on the car and yes it is rather loud, now I want to remove the cat, but not sure if it will improve the performance or not.

I took it to a garage this arvo and the guy said "taking the cat off would slow it down because it wont have any back pressure". But when I took it off my old 106 XSi, it make a huge difference, but that had baffles in the exhaust.

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I agree with Andrew the benefit would be marginal but if you did you would not need to fit the 'little box'? Dev speaks of, as the lambda sensor is in the pipe not the cat itself. It isn't a diagnostic probe it's a regulating probe, so is before the monolith and not after. It could also make the car very noisey, I still have my cat and the car is getting a new back box sat am cos the one on the car is too loud for my liking and I want to add a little more back pressure as the car bogs down a little if not at full throttle. Whatever makes you happy at the end of the day though :thumbsup:

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Gonna try this one mate, not too big a tailpipe and it's tuneable so you can quieten it :thumbsup:

Demon Tweeks

I c rour going for a Rage backbox, i had a rage on my starlet, theyre pretty good, the tuning baffle helps with the back pressure but completely quietens the exhaust down, altho that may not be the case with u coz uve got a cat-back system wheras i only had the back box.

Kets us know what sort of difference you get from fitting the Rage :thumbsup:

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