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Got Some Odd Looks And Comments...

jay dh

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no its not on how i looked or smelt

the other nite we had family over and family friends too.

with all the guests we had, the cars consisted of 3 yari, 1 corolla, 1 avensis, 1 picnic, 1 rav4 and 1 previa in the drive and accross it

when everyone was leaving my neighbour happened to be outisde and said 'got a toyota convention goin on here?' and passers by said, 'are all these toyotas urs' and cudnt beleive non of us worked for toyota.

we are looking to buy another yaris shortly too, getin beyond a joke! haha, specially as our family name is Harris.

does anyone else get odd comments when they have a line of toyotas? or just me? shame it isnt a line of astons, oh well!


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My Dad used to have a Land Cruiser..... but sadly it got written of... and he now has a Range Rover SC, and and AMG.... lucky guy! (And I cant drive em!!!)

I used to have the Yaris... do have a piccy of them together... but not digi...

Now Skye is the only Toyota in the family... but she doesnt mind...

The guy I'm living with is building a striker... (Caterham 7 replica stylee kit car) ... and thats apparently gonna have a corolla 1.6 engine in it.. but dont think that counts :P hehe

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lol! that sounds very familiar!

When i go down to robs house if everybody is home their driveway looks like a toyota forecourt!

His mum : yaris blue 3 door

His dad : yaris blue 5 door

His bro: one of the standard yaris ( 1 ltre?) red

Rob : Yaris T-sport, thunder grey

Rob: mr2 mk2 turbo, red

Me : mr2 mk1, red


Were all nuts!

T x

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Between 4 of us we have...

3 Yaris

1 Hilux Invincible

1 Rav4

Oh and Dad's thinking of replacing his BMW with a Lexus and there are another 3 Hilux in company too...

Its all very sad ;)


PS I forgot the new Land Cruiser too...

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Earlier on this year I owned fours Mkiii Supras (one now Milly's car, one now Jesus' mate Chris' car) and an Mr2 (Now Tegan's car!)

I'm sure at some point Leeky Bibbs and Ed all turned up (as they do) making ti 5 supras, two MR2's and a Sillycar.. (not counting the at least a half a supra worts of car I have as spares!)

In Henley where I live its not an uncommon site to see two, three or even four Mkiii supras parked ina line outside my local!!!! I have even had reading locals pop in "off the cuff" as they saw our cars parked up outside!!

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Freeky ?

My lorvley gen 6 has got to sit next to my wife's Bashed up, grey bumper, Mondeo (I know but it's the 24v one at least)

Other than that I only got sheep and cows looking on at what's outside, most Friday's its a Passat TDi a Bora TDi and Audi S3 And an Escort Turbo, They (not me) all got tints and big alloys and they are all chiped (Star performance)

So now I got to add Toyota Confrence envy to my Turbo envy.

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We get funny comments from posties/couriers cos of the identical cars in the drive. Neighbours think Nicks nuts :lol:

But soon they'll be gone and a Volvo/Audi/Hyundai will be in their space *sob* :(

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Um.. well... not all toyotas, but we got:

Now my starlet SR (used to be shelly's)

Shelly's Glanza

(those are the only toyotas)

My brothers BMW 316

Mums BMW compact 2.0 tdi

Dads BMW 530i sport

(and the rest beemers)

But i do have an uncle whos familly has all hondas :P

Ne1 else?

Big T

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