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Carina Gti-mr2 Part Crossover


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Hello, new person here! I have a '94 Carina GTi and my mate has an '00 MR2 and we were both considering fitting performance air filters and ignition leads. Leads will be Magnecor, filters probably Green Cotton as Pipercross and K&N don't seem to be 100% sure whether they deal with these cars on their websites. All I wanted to ask was, has anyone else done this and can they confirm/deny whether any of the parts on the MR2 are the same as those on the MR2. They certainly look similar and so they should, same engine and all but I wanted a second opinion before buying. :huh:

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Magencor definately fit on the MR2 (discount schemes available as Gold Member) remember to punch the hole at the bootom of the lead to prevent them popping off. They are available in all sizes, standar, 8.5mm and 10mm leads.

Apexi would be a better bet for the induction kit.

If the Carina is also running the 3S-GE (not sure here) there is no reason why the parts should not fit....

Which engine does your Carina use ?

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Yup, the (well my) Gti uses the 3SGE as well as camber-compensating front suspension which differs from all of the other Carina E's. Which is a bugger when it goes wrong as it's dealer only! But, it's a nice motor to drive and with 155bhp its fun!

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