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Sound System >.<


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Alrite Yaris Owners... um... Im always asking so many questions, so hope u all forgive me... im useless when things get technical... or you could just say im a dumbass. If you could help, id be grateful.

Ive Got a Pioneer DEH-P9600MP headunit installed...


And ive got some Pioneer TS-A6921 Speakers Installed too...


(i dont know if these links will work...maybe copy and paste it to browser and it work..?)

Well Yea.... ive got those,.. and im going to get a Sub.... which is a Pioneer TS-SW124D


I will be gettin an Amp as well,.. but not sure which one just yet.

When i start to sort the Sub out, and when i plug in the Amp and Sub woofer, im not sure whether i need to plug the Amp into my Speakers? the thing is, at the moment, without the sub, when i turn up the volume, (quite loudish) the bass and sometimes the vocals distort.. (depending on what song, it differs)

I asked a friend of mine, he said that my Speakers are actually not gettin enough power :huh: He said... my headunit onli supplies 27 watts to each speaker, when their minimum is 80w, while max is 380w :P and the Sub im getting need 300w. Is he right? This means i need BIG FAT Amp to power speakers n Sub.. unless i buy two separate Amps, but i want to stick to one Amp if possible. I still not sure what Amp i getting, havnt Looked properly yet, anyone want to recommend any to me? im trying to stick to Pioneer all the way, as u have probably guessed already.

If Anyone in this forum can tell me whats happening, then id be VERY Happy.. it woud be great.. thanks for your time peeps. :)

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once you connect your amp up, you will need to sort your head unit out to get the right sound balance and hopefully then, you'r Speakers will not distort.

You'r better off having all your bass coming out of your sub, rather than having it out of your Speakers, as this will create distortion when you turn the volume up.

As for your Speakers being underpowered, don't worry about it, my speakers are 80watts aswell but run nowhere near that. My headunit is a pioneer and puts out 4x50w, same as your does, and mine's connected up to 4 speakers in the front and 4 in the rear parcel shelf.

Just don't have your headunit setting on powerful or super bass, if you have it on natural or vocal with the sub/bass setting on mid it should be alright and I doubt you will get any distortion untill it's really loud.

As for you amp and sub, it stated that it's 300w NOMINAL, I was told that the RMS (constant watts) of the sub was half that again, so that means your sub could be 150watt.

If your choosing an amp anything between 150w and 300w RMS will be fine.

I tried to stick to pioneer too, but ended up getting a alpine v12 digital amp, as at the time the pioneer one's were a bit crap. You will need a mono amp to power the sub.

Hope some of this helps, and i'm sure i'll get told off if anything's wrong

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Your headunit is 4x50w too, same as Ad's, but it's nominal power as he said is only 4x27w. The distortion has absolutley nothing at all to do with a lack of power, there's no such thing as getting distortion from a simple lack of power. The problem will be on the settings you have it on and there could even be a poor connection somewhere. The Speakers may also be distorting where they sit (vibrating too much in their holdings)

Now the nominal imput power of the speaker is 80w, so yes an amp may be required as to open them up a bit will require a bit of oomph to get them working with the right frequencies etc. You can still use one amp, just get a bridgable 4-way amp, then 2 channels are bridged for the sub and the other two are used for your Speakers... the sound will be excellent and you shouldn't have any distortion problems providing that at least 60% of the bass is directed to the sub, the headunit is set more towards the treble/mid-range and the amp gain is quite low. Then just adjust the level of the amp and the frequency crossover and all should be well!

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Where do you have the 6*9's located?

Parcel shelf?

If so you should have (if not already) mount them on a solid platform, not the standard parcel shelf!Get a aftermarket one made of MDF or similar!(stealthshelves etc)

You will notice a massive difference in the quality of the sound!As there will be very minmal distortion compared to the oem one!

CB :thumbsup:

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Thanx for the information everyone... Erm, i made a parcel shelf, MDF :D Stealth shelf too. Took ages lol. But yea, its solid so its alrite about that.

I Think its my settings aswell. Ive set my custom to highish bass, and the vocals bit high to... i think i should change that now. Im a bit of a basshead, so i like it bassy u know.

I need to do sum research around the internet, lol, find the right Amp. Thanks guys... Will prob add another reply later, for more advice hehe.. Cheers :thumbsup:

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