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Anyone Got A Yaris For Sale?

jay dh

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just wondering if anyone on here has or knows of where a yaris for under 4k may be lurking?

although it must be black, it must have air con, manual. nothing else! also in essex as well.

the reason-cos thats what is wanted

if anyone knows of anything, please can u let me know



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its winter, u have windows, air con problem solved  :lol:  at a push u could look into getting it fitted as an extra at a later date!

You're looking at a couple of hundred quid plus fitting for that I believe. The only time I ever feel like I really need air con is on a motorway in the baking sun because open windows take my head off with the speed of the air, other than that though windows do the job fine.

In answer to the original question though: no, sorry

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