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From Jpn

wasp vitz

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Hello wasp vitz. Your car is absolutely beautiful. I love it! :thumbsup:

A lot of hard work must have gone into making it look like that. The graphics on the doors are particularly stunning.

Also, I think I prefer the girls who model at Japanese shows, too! :yes:

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Waspvitz,  Can you tell me any more about my wifes car...I have the owners name and address in Japan if its any help....Trying to find out more about the car.Can you ask on other car forums in Japan about the Vitz RS we have...

Hey havnt seen that car for a while!

I remember seeing it up for sale ages ago the spec on it is luuuvly! :eek:

CB :thumbsup:

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Was searching around for a locking wheel nut key( still never found one :huh: )and felt a lump under the passenger side carpet in the footwaell..Pulled back the carpet to find a C`s Supercharger Fuel Controller, not sure why though as it already has the HKS F-Con Pro Ecu fitted to control the engine and fuel requirements..A good find all the same.



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