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An Apology

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This is an apology to everyone who has fitted and induction kit to their paseo, I always thought it was so easy til I had a go at it myself today!!!

Just a temp job for now until I get an adaptor from funky product, talking of which does it connect straight to the inlet manifold? so would I need a breather filter for that little pipe which comes out of the engine head?

Has anyone every connected a induction pipe to their front bumper? If so how did you do it? I cant seem to squeeze it past the radiator.



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i don't quite get what you mean... It WAS easy!!!. just silicone joint the tube to the intake manifold, then silicon joint the filter to the tube! i don't know what adaptor you'd need, mate. routhing a CAI - a induction to the front bumper has been done using a modified mid-90's accord kit, but you're not going to see that much improvement really.

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it's not too hard... good starting project :)

The way I did mine was pipe joiner on the air inlet, about a foot of pipe in one end, pod filter on the other.. box that and run a tube from the front of the car to the box. Drilled a hole in the pipe for the air sensor. Put an Oil breather in. Pretty basic but the smoother pickup was noticable straight away

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